Pathway to CPA: Video Tutorials

I make videos for my students to supplement class learning and college-to-career advising. I’ve compiled my CPA Advising video tutorials below for students interested in accounting so that anyone interested in pathway to CPA can benefit. The videos below are generally applicable for all aspiring CPAs.

Please note: if you are an SPU Peacock then I have additional videos and content at our department’s advising page (accessible with SPU sign-in credentials).

An overview of Pathway to CPA:

Resume Tips for Accounting Majors:

Internships (part 1) – the benefits of a CPA firm internship

Internships (part 2) – typical timelines for internship applications (as of Fall 2022)

Note: internship timelines vary by firm and the landscape is dynamic given the high demand for qualified intern and staff. This video is a general overview for students, but it is important to do your own research. I recommend keeping a detailed log around application timelines as you visit firm websites and speak with hiring professionals.

Internships (part 3) – navigating the application process

What makes a good scholarship essay?

I made this video to help college students looking to apply to annual NJ Society of CPA scholarship opportunities. This video was created for applications due Jan 6, 2023.