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I am a licensed CPA and Assistant Professor at Saint Peter's University where I teach accounting, taxation, Excel, and more. I formerly worked in public accounting at Deloitte, developing a tax-technology skillset while building custom tax compliance and planning tools for clients.

My research interests include career and technical education (CTE) policy and programming, public school funding, and issues related to local property tax.

I love to write and have two separate blogs for this passion. I research, analyze, and write technical pieces for my fiscal literacy blog at I also have a travel blog at where I blog for fun, centered around life experiences.

Brigid D’Souza, CPA MBA
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  • Grew up in Morris County, NJ
  • Live in Jersey City, NJ
  • Married to Devanjn D’Souza and Mom to two kids who help drive my interest in education and community
  • Parishioner at St. Aedan’s: The Saint Peter’s University Church
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