It’s Fall. That means you should be applying for paid accounting roles for next summer!

If you are an accounting major, welcome back to school! And...while it may feel like you only *just* got back into the swing of things on campus, it's time to get to work dusting off those resumes and applying for internships or that full-time role. Opportunity awaits; don't hesitate to reach for it. These are paid roles that can offer a wealth of experience and continued learning and development beyond college.

Bigger firms are already looking to staff both intern and full-time roles for their Summer and Fall 2024 timeframes. I have previously written in "Accounting Internships - A Primer on the Big 4".  Many other firms - medium tier and smaller firms - are also looking for top talent, and depending on their timelines, they may have application windows open now as well. You can learn more about those firms in "Accounting Internships: A Primer on Medium and Smaller Tier Firms."

The first step is: get that resume dusted off and sharpened. Key tips include:

  • Update for all relevant work experience including this past summer
  • Include your GPA if it's above a 3.0. Your GPA matters for the big 4 in particular and the higher it is, the stronger a candidate you may be. This is one important criterion out of many.
  • Have a plan for the 150 credits (e.g. if you plan to graduate by May 2024 and have your 150 complete by May 2025, then note both those dates). Employers want to see that you have a plan on your pathway to the CPA, and that you're already thinking ahead.

I've created a few resources below to help students move through this process. If you're at SPU, please work with the team in CEEL (Dinneen Hall, 1st floor) and also please keep in touch with questions. I'm in my office every Mon/Wed/Thursday from 2pm-3pm.

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