Resume Tips for Undergraduate Accounting Majors

Demand for accountants is high right now and students should actively be seeking internship opportunities. Internships can allow for paid, real-world application of classroom concepts and expose students to learning opportunities that extend far beyond the classroom. However — before students can apply for internships or jobs, they must have a strong resume. So I wanted to share some basic tips about what makes a good resume for undergraduate accounting majors.

What I’m providing below are a few resources that students can add to their classroom-to-career toolkit:

  1. A 6-minute video overview of a sample resume from the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). I have provided chapter cuts if you want to jump into a certain topical area.
  2. Link to CEEL (SPU’s career center) — this is a fantastic team at SPU that works on the first floor of Dinneen Hall. Every student should make an appointment with CEEL for resume assistance, interview guidance, and more.
  3. Link to ThisWayToCPA — this is a fantastic website created by the AICPA that is aimed at students who want to enter the accounting profession. The site includes an entire overview on resumes.

I have been on the hiring side of the interview table and can share: the layout, word choice, and formatting all matter because it helps the person reading the resume more easily and quickly digest who you are as a candidate. I have also been on the job-seeking side of the table and can share that writing a good resume is not an easy process because distilling your experience and strengths down to a page or two is not easy. This is a specific form of writing for a specific audience. This is a learned skill. The most important thing a student can do is to just get started and then leverage resources like your faculty advisors and CEEL Do not delay your resume-writing; doing so will delay your prospects of landing that internship or job.

You can view the video below or on YouTube here, complete with time-coded chapter breaks to jump to the following topics.

  • 0:05 Purpose of a resume & basic upfront tips
  • 0:40 “This Way to CPA” resume overview
  • 0:53 Sample resume overview
  • 1:02 Resume structure: HEADER
  • 1:20 Resume structure: PROFILE
  • 2:14 Resume structure: EDUCATION
  • 3:27 Resume structure: WORK EXPERIENCE
  • 5:19 Intro to CEEL and why CEEL is critical resource for resume & internship search

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