NJ Society of CPAs Scholarship Opportunities

I want to encourage any student reading this to apply to the NJ Society of CPAs scholarship program. The details to apply are here and I wanted to share potential benefits if you apply and are selected:

  • sophomores: $2,000 scholarship funding
  • juniors and seniors: $6,500 scholarship funding
  • accolades to include on a resume and to weave into interview dialog

Here is the required investment of your time and effort:

  • Online Application. You can consider this a practice run if you’ve never applied to a job or internship before.
  • A 500-word essay. I have more on this below.
  • Official transcript (including fall semester) — an unofficial transcript is also acceptable (you can obtain this from your advisor)
  • Your resume. Every student should have one…so better now than later to create and/or update it. I have a separate video about resume writing here.

The biggest effort, I think, is the essay because writing about yourself takes time, reflection, and some vulnerability. Allowing others to read your essay and critique it takes courage. So I’ll name it: this may push you outside your comfort zone. But please, embrace that; it’s good practice for your career.

What’s more, consider as you look at the application:

  1. The essay prompts are very real-world questions that you will be asked on interviews...so writing the essay will be a “two for one” exercise of both applying for real dollars and also preparing for future job interviews.
  2. The application process asks for many details that you’ll need to submit for a job application.
  3. Applying will not hurt; the worst that can happen is that you do not get awarded a scholarship, but you will have gone through steps #1 and #2 above which are investments into the internship or job search…so in the end, applying is a net positive either way.

I created a how-to video below in case it’s helpful.


If you’re interested in applying and need help, advice, or perhaps a word of encouragement, please do not hesitate to reach out (bdsouza@saintpeters.edu).

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