Accounting internships tutorial

Undergraduate accounting students should be aware of internships as early as their first semester. Here’s why: accounting is not a spectator sport…you must apply what you’re learning in the classroom and doing so in a work environment, as an intern, is a fantastic chance to do so. Put another way: if your career after college is like the main course at a restaurant, then internships are like the appetizer round; they are smaller bites of experience that can both whet your appetite and help inform what you want to commit to, full-time, after you graduate.

An internship is a bit different from a full-time job because they are:

  • Limited in duration (e.g. a summer)
  • Intended to provide work experience to students who are learning in that field of study

I talk about internships with students, both in the classroom and in my advising sessions. So I’ve summarized some of the key talking points below in a 3-part video series:

  1. Why internships are so important for students
  2. The timeline to apply (this is critical nuance)
  3. How to navigate the application process

Visit the videos on YouTube to access accompanying links. If you have follow-up questions please email me at

Video #1: Why internships are so important for students:

Video #2: The timeline to apply:

Video #3: the process of navigating:

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