I am a licensed CPA and Assistant Professor in the Department of Accountancy & Business Law at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, NJ. In addition to teaching, I advise and mentor undergraduate and graduate students seeking careers in accountancy.   This is my professional platform where I share insights around the accounting profession, mostly in the context of teaching and advising aspiring CPAs. 

I hope this site serves anyone who may be interested in accountancy and related topics, including client service, data and technology, project management, and more. If you are in college, high school, or possibly considering a shift into accountancy as a second career, I encourage you to learn about the profession, CPA licensure, and more.

Before teaching, I worked in public accounting with a specialization in tax technology. I’ve also worked independently as a consultant for corporate clients. I put my skillset to use in a volunteer advocacy space with CivicParent, a blog about property taxes, public budgets, and more.

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Accountancy & CPA

I am passionate about accountancy and the CPA track specifically as an upward-mobile path for high school and college students. This track requires long-term commitment but offers long-term reward.

Data & Technology

Accountancy is increasingly relying on professionals who are proficient in data — how it’s structured, manipulated, and leveraged for analytical insight. Technology skills and know-how are key levers in this space.

Service & Community

Accountancy is a client-service business requiring active listening, empathy, and leadership. These attributes can be developed in many spaces including and especially via volunteerism and giving back to community.

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